Bids July 2019 - June 2020

Awarded & Open Bids

Bid 20-1 Copier Paper: Awarded to: American Paper and Twine

Bid 20-2 Batteries: Awarded to: Florida Bothers, Inc

Bid 20-3 Oil and Lubricants: Awarded to: H J Walker Oil

Bid 20-4 Vehicle Parts: Awarded to: Florida Brothers, Inc.

Bid 20-5 Medical Supplies - BCEMS: Awarded to: Various Vendors

Bid No. 20-6 Custodial and Paper Products Awarded to: Various Vendors

Bid No. 20-10 Pest Control Services Awarded to: Quick Pest Control

Bid No. 20-11 Hauling of Waste Tires for Disposal Awarded to: Liberty Tire Recycling

Bid No. 20-12 Health Care Services Awarded to: Southern Health Partners

Bid No. 20-14 Thomas Magnet School Boiler Replacement Awarded to: Advanced Mechanical Contractors

Bid No. 20-15 Website Development Awarded to: Revise Government Websites

Bid No. 20-16 Propane Awarded to: Henley Propane

Bid No. 20-17 Gasoline and Diesal Fuel Awarded to: D & D Oil Company

Bid No. 20-20 Power Cots - BCEMS Awarded to: Ferno-Washington, Inc

Bid No. 20-21 Rescue Boat Awarded to: Rescue One

Bid No. 20-23 Auctioneer Services Awarded to: Woodruff Realty and Auction

Bid No. 20-24 Southside Elementary School Reroof Awarded to: Professional Roofing Contractors

Bid No. 20-25 Annex Boiler Replacement Awarded to: Billy Thomas Plumbing and Electric Service

Bid No. 20-26 Dump Truck Highway Department Awarded to: Neely Coble Company

Bid No. 20-28 Cascade Middle HVAC upgrades Awarded to:MPIII Mechanical, LLC

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