Bids July 2020 - June 2021

Awarded & Open Bids

Bid 21-1 Medical Supplies: Awarded to: Various Vendors

Bid 21-2 Rowesville Church Road - Bridge Replacement: Awarded to: Concrete Structures, Inc.

Bid 21-3 Copier Paper: Awarded to:A-Z Office Resources.

Bid 21-4 Ambulance Remount: Awarded to: Select-Tech, Inc.

Bid 21-5 Convenience Center Mowing: Awarded to: Floyd's Lawn Care

Bid 21-6 E-Waste Removal: Awarded to: Waste Management

Bid 21-7 Sale od Scrap Metal and Salvaged Appliances: Awarded to: Ferrous Processing & Trading

Bid 21-8 Propane: Awarded to: Henley Propane

Bid 21-9 HVAC Filters: Awarded to: Carolina Filters

Bid 21-10 Light Bulbs: Awarded to: City Electric Supply

Bid 21-11 Roofing Repairs: Awarded to: Don Kennedy Roofing Company

Bid 21-12 Audit Services: Awarded to: Thompson, Price, Scott, Adams & Co., P.A

Bid 21-13 Custodial and Paper Products Awarded to: Various Vendors

Bid 21-14 Banking Services Awarded to: First Bank

Bid 21-15 Concrete Pad for Ag Center Awarded to: Lee Adcock Construction

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