Juvenile Detention Facility

Detention Facility

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May you bring anything for your child?
A: No – everything is furnished.

Q: May their grandparents or any other family member visit?
A: Their parents or legal, court declared, guardians only may visit.

Q: May we bring books?
A: Yes. They have to be donated to the facility and cannot be returned.

Q: May I bring my child to the facility?
A: If you want your child detained, you must go through the Sheriff’s Office.

Q: Where is your facility located?
A: We are located on the southwest corner of Lane Parkway and North Main Street next to the Bedford County Sheriff's Office in the same building.

Address & Contact Info

Bedford County Juvenile Detention Center
101 Lane Parkway
Shelbyville, TN 37160
Phone: 931-680-9720
Fax: 931-680-2997